Fun Spring Experiment

Welcome back! Today was the first real day with some legitimate sun and warmth in our far north spot on the globe, so we have been finding ways to get outside even more. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, when it was still abysmally cold and rainy, I sought comfort in our brand new local Caribou. Warm Hot Apple Blast in hand, I sat myself right next to some beautiful flower arrangements they had placed around the tables. I noticed that they had included some pussy willow branches as part of the spring flower mix. But these were no ordinary catkins clinging to their host! They were an array of patel pink, blue and purple catkins! SO pretty!

Naturally, I wanted to figure out how they accomplished this tiny spring wonder and I couldn’t tell if they were painted this way or if they had used the old carnation in food coloring trick! What a great science experiment idea!

Onto April…. Our pussy willow has been busting with beautiful little catkins for awhile now, but I really wanted to wait until they were a bit bigger and fluffier to try our experiment. So yesterday Aidan and I went out to trim some branches to see if we could get the catkins to change colors at our bidding. Unbeknownst to us, the catkins were VERY near to blooming, as you see below.

Ironically, this worked perfectly to our advantage since the BLOOMS were what “drew up” the food coloring!  You can see clearly below in the photos I took today of our beautiful white catkins on the tree and the fun colors coming alive in our kitchen! What a great experiment it wound up to be, they look like tiny, colorful fireworks!!

So, the conclusion being, the florist painted their catkins, which was a beautiful effect, but having the catkins bloom colors is even more fun! And less effort. 🙂 We are anxiously awaiting our other colors to emerge. 🙂










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