Early Plum Blossoms with a Couple of Apps That Are Just FUN!

DSCN6871 Plum Blossoms

Well, spring has taken a break this past week and today, allowing me some time to upload a few photos. It’s an approach/approach situation, while I’m glad the weather is miserable because it has allowed me to keep up with quilting and posting (I don’t feel like I’m missing all the sun by staying indoors) I’m NOT really enjoying the cold and rain a whole lot.

I hope you enjoy the photos I was able to take when the weather was so beautiful, I will post some of the Sand Cherry, Canadian Cherry, Crab Apple and Weeping Crab Apple Blossoms in a later post. I took a just a few… okay a million. (I’ve discovered I love macro-photography. A. LOT. 🙂 )  Needless to say, stepping into any portion of my yard from any door and you are hit with the most heavenly smells known to man! I can sit outside all day!

I’ve had some fun playing with some new photo software from http://jixipix.com/. I posted a few altered photos above. Check Jixipix out, they have some really fun stuff!  The plum branches in the measuring glass I ran through a program called Artista Impresso and the plum tree is through Kyoobik Photo. I must confess, I’ve yet to find a photo through Kyoobik that I’m satisfied with and I’m pretty glad I bought that app at the introductory sale! Mercifully they have about 30 other apps that I can try, lol! 🙂


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