First Little Brown Bat of the Spring

Today was filled with sunshine and my fair weather friends: the Tree Swallows.  Tonight for the first time this year I was delighted by the acrobatics of a little bat in the evening twilight. His papery little wings so smart against the beautiful purple sky. He spent a good deal of time in our back yard so I suppose we shall have to keep an eye on the deck umbrella for his roosting habits from now on.

They really are cute little fellows with such tiny faces and unhappy countenances when we wake them for a daylight picnic of our own. I can certainly see why Aidan was compelled all those years ago to pick one up for a closer, more cuddly than comfortable inspection when he was three. The aftermath of the rabies series was a very real reminder that nature is not always as innocent as it appears at a distance. Harsh lesson learned unfortunately, and now we enjoy their dances in the sky at a safe distance. Preferably with a screen or window to allow some safer refuge. April 11, 2015

Since an actual picture was beyond my grasp, given my camera was in another part of the house and his energetic flight coupled with darkened conditions, I will simply include one of our favorite read aloud about a little bat. 🙂



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