The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I have been so anxiously awaiting these little fellows this year! They are absolutely one of my (many) favorite species of birds that arrive back every spring. We are usually graced with at least one brooding pair every summer and our family loves watching them efficiently scope out which house they will raise their little family in.

We love sitting on the deck, observing their graceful, swift dives and swoops in a complicated and beautiful aerial display. They are truly masters of the air!

Such beauty, with that stunning indigo on their back and their perfectly white breast. Henry David Thoreau stated: “The bluebird carries the sky on his back”, and I am inclined to agree; but if this statement is true than I have to say the Tree Swallow carries the shades deep, moonlit, midnight-blue on his!

I have several pictures of them studiously shopping for the perfect bluebird house (we have many on the property) and setting up housekeeping, and I will post the ones I currently have from last year on a later post. I just had to announce their joyful, acrobatic arrival this date: April 1st, 2015. 🙂


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