Shades of Spring

March did indeed come in like a lion, and true to his word, appears to be going out like a lamb. My home is bathed in the intense orange-gold of a spectacular sunset tonight and she’s going down with the promise of beautiful weather tomorrow. It would appear our cold snap may have exhausted it’s strength.
Before this week (I chose this week, the COLDEST week of ALL March 2015 weeks, to have our spring break *sigh*), we had such pleasant weather I had to get out and see what nature was doing. With a cloud of male Red-Wing Blackbirds making a noisy din and showing off their beautiful epaulettes at the peak of my Weeping Willow, I enjoyed the opportunity to use the macro on my camera. I hope you enjoy these pictures too!

Aside from the catkins, House Finches and Maple blooms, you may notice something in the photos with the Dark-Eyed Junco that took me completely by surprise! I happened to look out and notice the little Junco appearing to peck at the Maple Tree’s trunk. It looked so comical, but I figured it was eating the buds, and even though that didn’t seem accurate, I didn’t know what else it could be doing.

The next day, we received our cold snap. I was watching the birds in that same Maple Tree again and noticed a sheet of ice coming off of the branch. It looked so odd, because there wasn’t any ice forming anywhere else, even though it was snowing. Well, you’ve probably already guessed that my mystery ice was Maple Sap running out of the trunk! And Mr. Smartie-Pants Junco was drinking it off the trunk!

To our knowledge we’ve never seen our tree do this before and to our delight we had to have a taste! It was startlingly sweet, so we broke off a chunk and it resides in my freezer even as I write this. šŸ™‚ Within a day, the sap disappeared accompanied by our disappointment. I don’t wonder but this tree did this every year equally rapidly, and we simply missed it. I don’t know, but I’m glad we had the experience this year!

Hmmm, maybe we’ll see what sap looks like under the microscope! šŸ™‚


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